TimeMist Air Freshener Dispensers and Aerosol Refills

TimeMist invented metered air technologies and continues to provide some of the best fragrances on the market. The name serves as a benchmark in the industry and is a reason why so many other premium fragrance brands select TimeMist as the provider of choice for their product lines.

TimeMist Classic Dispenser
Consistent fragrance and performance

The NEW Classic Dispenser will deliver improved aesthetics, performance and battery cost savings to your facility. The simplified user interface allows for easy and flexible programming that delivers 30 days (standard refills) or 90 days (9000 refills) of performance. The sleek new look is available in all white and designed to enhance any room. Operates with 2 or 4 AA batteries. Top-hinge accessibility for ease of service.

Classic Dispenser



TimeMist Premium Fragrances include essential oils and only quality ingredients. They contain effective odor counteractants and meet low VOC requirements. Manufacturing in the USA ensures high standards of excellence. Each TimeMist refill has a dual actuator system that delivers an ultra fine mist of freshness with each use.

Standard Refills - Case of 12 $58.99

9000 Shot Refills

These refills offer the lowest cost-in-use system by freshening the air for a full 90 days! For use in the available Classic dispenser and the discontinued 9000 Shot and Plus dispensers.

9000 Shot Refills - Case of 4 $43.99

Yankee Candle Premium Air Freshener Refills

Available in some of the best-selling Yankee Candle fragrances, these premium metered air fresheners last a full 30 days. Available in both standard and 3000 Shot size cans.
Yankee Candle Standard Refills - Case of 12

$69.99 - $72.99

Yankee Candle 3000 Shot Refills - Case of 12


Micro Time Mist Metered Refills
Ultra concentrated refills in premium fragrances work faster and stay in the air longer. Half the size of ordinary refills, but twice the odor-fighting power. Can also be used as a personal air freshener. The 2-oz. refill is perfectly sized for pockets, purses, desktops. For use in Micro Metered Dispenser (TMS1041TM1), sold separately. 15- to 45-day supply depending on spray interval setting. 12 Timemist refills per case.
Micro Timemist Refills

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