Auto Faucet® Automatic Faucet

Great for homes too!
With the Auto Faucet® with "Surround Sensor"
Technology... You're surrounded by the best!
Best Technology...Best Looking.

Increased Sanitation & Hygiene
- The "Touch-Free" advantage eliminates a major source of cross-contamination.
- Encourages thorough healthy hand washing.
Water Conservation = $avings
- The Auto Faucet® with "Surround Sensor" Technology specializes in cost control. It immediately reduces waste by eliminating unnecessary and unattended water flow.
- Provides the user water ONLY when needed, resulting in reduced water usage and associated costs.
- Save up to 70% on water cost associated with faucet usage.
Reliable Operation
- Breakthrough "surround sensor" technology (no infrared) senses user from any angle. Patented cam gear technology controls water flow and eliminates sticking solenoid valves that cause dripping.
- Omni-directional sensing zone surrounding the entire spout guarantees activation the first time every time.
Easy Installation
- All mechanical and electrical components are contained in one covered housing for easy installation.

Radius™ Touch-Free Technology... Automatic faucet systems won't corrode or fail because our proprietary cam-gear "dry" design keeps all electronics away from water flow. Technical Concepts' exclusive faucet technologies enable our systems to be the most accurate faucets on the market delivering error-free, precise portion control and are sophisticated enough to compensate for users and the environment.

*All Automatic sensor activated Faucets include battery compartment and 4 D-cell Alkaline batteries.

*If you have a stainless steel sink this unit needs a special grounding unit to fuction properly.

Automatic IR Faucet


Activation Zone!


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*Includes mixing valve and supply line hoses.

Kits Contain: 1.5 GPM Aerator, Mixing Valve, 2 Supply Hoses, Cover Plate (4" or 8"), and Mounting Hardware

Dimensions: 6 1/2 inch D x 2 1/8 inch W x 3 3/4 inch H

Power: 4 D-cell Alkaline Batteries (up to 3+ years life)

3 Year Warranty against defects in parts and workmanship.

Case Pack: 1

Case Weight: 7 lbs.

Case Cube: 2.6
Sinkhole Diameter: 7/8" to 1 1/8"

Operating Water Pressure: 7-175 psi

Operating Termperature: 35°F to 159°F (2°C to 70°C)

Max Running Time: 30 Seconds

The Touch-free Automatic Faucet by Technical concepts