AutoHygiene Auto Flush and Auto Clean System

Ensuring urinals & toilets are always flushed, clean, odor-free and presentable.
A systematic approach addressing the public restroom hygiene needs of the public - the users of your restrooms. This innovative economical system reduces major points of cross-contamination and ensures that your urinals and toilets are always flushed, clean odor-free and presentable.

The AutoHygiene System consists of two independent components, AutoFlush and AutoClean. The AutoFlush automatically flushes toilets and urinals after each use. For more information click on AutoFlush. The AutoClean system dispenses our Purinel Cleaner for around the clock cleaning. For more information click on AutoClean.

Contains: AutoFlush urinal unit or toilet unit, AutoClean dispenser, stainless steel tube, saddle kit, and Purinel refill. Batteries included.

Must order appropriate Saddle Connection Kit for installation.
AutoHygiene System in Chrome
AutoHygiene System in White
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Recommended: The autoClean System actually eliminates the need to pay an outside service by ensuring the inside of fixtures are always clean and germ free.


Sparge Pipe dimensions
3/4 standard for urninals
11/4 standard for urnials
11/2 standard for toilets