Automatic Flushers

Sleek, Reliable, and Affordable
The Zurn E-Z Flush converts manual flush valves on urinals and commodes into modern hands-free fixtures. What makes it so easy and fast? Our retrofit kits work with most flush valves and come complete with everything you need from tools to batteries.

For Sloan, Zurn, Royal Flush Valves
*Recommended Product: This flusher is Metal Plated! High durability, low price, and great design.
Zurn EZ-Flush CPM
Ensures urinals and toilets are always flushed.
Fixtures stay clean, odor-free & presentable. Easy 2 minute installation and battery replacement. Eliminates the need to touch flush handle - major point of cross-contamination. AutoFlush® Automatic flusher eliminates cross-contamination from handle touching and odors from unflushed fixtures. Easy 2 minute installation with no water shut off and no tools required for installation or replacement of batteries.
Technical Concepts Auto Flush
Great Design and Reliability - Great for High Traffic High Abuse Locations
G2 Optima Plus®, the industry's most advanced battery-operated Flushometer with a high-tech look, features Sloan's latching Solenoid Operator and a new sensor that is NEMA 6 compliant against moisture to eliminate most detection errors and field adjustments
Sloan Optima Plus
Award Winning Design
Sloan EBV-200-A Battery Powered SMOOTH™ works out of the box. Simply slide the unit over the Flushometer handle and tighten the clamp. Within minutes, the Sloan SMOOTH™ converts many Manual Flushometers to Sensor Activated. Sloan EL-600-A AC Powered SMOOTH™requires electrical hook-up.
Sloan Smooth Flushometer
Retrofit Automatic Flushing Unit
No need to replace your current investment of flush valves or move plumbing rough-in to accommodate ADA compliance. Installing a battery operated automatic flushing device onto your existing flush valves makes economic sense. Installation of the AutoFlush® is the easiest and most cost effective way to gain the benefits of an automatic flushing system - No more unflushed fixtures, foul odors, and damage from handle abuse by people not wanting to touch the handle.
Autoflush Clamp
Proven reliability, Sensor can be placed in various locations and existing handle remains in place
Installs simply to the tank plumbing mechanism. Flexible installation fits most tank designs. Uses same reliable motor and cam gear technology used in our existing AutoFlush®. The tank handle remains operable for courtesy flushing.

Very popular among cat owners whom wish to train their cats to use the toilet!!!
Auto Flush for Tanks
Solid state electronic circuitry assures years of dependable, trouble-free operation. The operational components of the Flushometer are identical to a handle activated Royal Flushometer, proven by over 100 years of experience.
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