Automatic Hand Dryers

Both the BluStorm and the Xlerator hand dryers have AMAZING power. They are durable, touchfree, eco-friendly, and look very sleek and modern. We highly recommend either.
The fastest touchless hand dryer
The BluStorm high speed hand dryer actually DRIES your hands in less than 10-15 seconds. Using 70% less energy than other hand dryers, this unit is green, with 95% savings versus paper towels. Durable stainless steel finish is easy to clean and vandal proof.
BluStorm Hand Dryer
$399.99 - $549.99
Time to throw in the towel
The Xlerator is the first hand dryer ever to be awarded GREENSPEC designation by the editors of Environmental Building News. Not only does the unit meet GREENSPEC standards, it conserves energy using 80% less energy than other hand dryers. By eliminating the need for paper towels, trees are saved, and waste is reduced, keeping maintenance requirements low for your restroom.
Xlerator Hand Dryer
$460 - $620