In Wall Automatic Flushers

The Sloan Optima Systems are the top of the line in wall exposed sensor flushers on the market.
Please note that we do not do installations.
Sloan Optima 110/111 ES-S In Wall flusher
For Toilets/Water Closets

Exposed, Sensor Activated Royal® Model Water Closet Flushometer, for floor mounted or wall hung top spud bowls.

Specification Sheets
Royal Optima 110/111 ES-S
Sloan 110/111 ES-S
Sloan Optima 186 ES-S In Wall flusher
For Urinals

Exposed, Sensor Activated Royal® Model Urinal Flushometer, for ¾ top spud urinals.

Specification Sheets
Royal Optima 186 ES-S
Sloan 186 ES-S
Sloan OPTIMA® equipped Flushometers provide the ultimate in sanitary protection and automatic operation. There are no handles to trip or buttons to push. The Flushometer operates by means of an infrared sensor that adapts to its surrounding. Once the user enters the sensors effective range and then steps away, the Flushometer Solenoid initiates the flushing cycle to flush the fixture.

User makes no physical contact with the Flushometer surface except to initiate the Override Button when required. Helps control the spread of infectious diseases. 24-Hour Sentinel Flush keeps fixture fresh during periods of nonuse.

Automatic operation provides water usage savings over other flushing devices. Reduces maintenance and operation costs.

Solid state electronic circuitry assures years of dependable, trouble-free operation. The operational components of the Flushometer are identical to a handle activated Royal® Flushometer, proven by over 100 years of experience.

3 year (limited)

Specification Sheets
Royal Optima 186 ES-S
Royal Optima 110/111 ES-S

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