Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers

Both the San Jamar Tear-n-Dry and the Electra paper towel dispensers are best in the market. The main difference is that the Electra does not have paper sticking out at all times. The San Jamar dispensers always have a piece of paper ready to tear which makes the dispenser trouble free (less reliant on the hand sensor).
The simplest, easiest to use universal roll towel dispenser
The Tear-N-Dry sanitary touchless dispensing system prevents germ spread and lowers paper costs. Just tear off a towel and the sensor activates to present another! Automatic portion control dispenses a ten inch sheet of paper every time without a wait. The Tear-N-Dry touchless dispenser can dispense all qualities of paper without jamming.

San Jamar Tear-N-Dry Paper Towel Dispsenser
San Jamar Tear-N-Dry
$118.99 - $118.99
The universal dispenser for maximum flexibility and cost reduction
The Electra Paper Towel Dispenser from Palmer Fixtures is a durable and cost effective solution for dispensing kitchen and bathroom roll paper towels. Automatic, hygenic and hands free, this fixture can save 12-15% on paper usage.

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San Jamar Tear-N-Dry