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April 21st, 2015
»  TC/Rubbermaid Air Freshener
»  Time Mist Air Freshener
»  Purell Hand Sanitizer
»  Automatic Flushers
»  TC Auto-Flush
»  Auto-Flush Clamp
»  Zurn EZ-Flush
»  Sloan G2 Optima Plus
»  Sloan SMOOTH Flushometer
»  In Wall Flushers
»  TC Auto-Flush for Tank Toilets
»  Sloan Waterfree Urinals
»  Auto Hygiene
»  Auto Clean
»  Soap Dispensers
»  One Shot
»  Soap Works
»  Gojo Foam Soap
»  Gojo NXT System
»  TLC Touch Free Dispenser
»  Gojo CXi Foam Soap Dispenser
»  Gojo CX Foam Soap Dispenser
»  TFX TouchFree Foam Soap
»  Automatic Faucets
»  Sensor IR Faucet
»  Zurn Auto Faucet
»  SST Faucet
»  Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers
»  San Jamar Paper Towel Dispenser
»  Palmer Paper Towel Dispensers
»  Toilet Tissue Dipensers
»  San Jamar Toilet Tissue Dispenser
»  Palmer Toilet Tissue Dispensers
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»  BluStorm Hand Dryer
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Technical Concepts Automatic Faucet GoJo Foam Soap Dispenser and Refills Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer In Wall Flushers Automatic Air Freshener Automatic Soap Dispenser and Refills Touchless Tear-n-Dry Dispenser TimeMist Air Fresheners and Refills Technical Concepts Automatic Flush Valves TFX Dispensers AutoFlush for Tank Toilets AutoClean System Automatic Hand Dryers


Leaders in Automatic Restroom and Bathroom Supplies specializing in Technical Concepts and Time Mist Air Fresheners - Automatic Flush Valves - Automatic Soap dispensers - Automatic Faucets - Foam Soap dispensers

  • With 24 warehouse locations around the nation, all of our orders are shipped within 1-3 business days! In less than 72 hours, your restroom can be completely updated to an automated, luxury-style bathroom with vastly improved sanitation – all at wholesale prices.

  • As a member of the Better Business Bureau, we service customers such as IBM, Lockheed Martin, and LA Fitness. See our customer testimonials.

  • While our competitors may offer hundreds of brands, we choose to sell only the highest quality bathroom supplies and hygiene products, because that’s what our customers deserve.

  • Our 8+ year relationship with manufacturers allows us to obtain all of our products at the lowest prices. We pass the cost savings directly to you.

TouchFree Concepts is dedicated to providing a more sanitary environment within restrooms worldwide. Cross contamination of bacteria within public restrooms is a serious health hazard and the touch-free restroom products are the answer.

The Technical Concepts Automatic Flush Valve for urinals and toilets eliminates the need to touch germ infested flush handles and ensures fixtures are always flushed. Our Automatic Soap Dispenser and Automatic faucet eliminate another problematic area in the restroom and people appreciate when facilities offer these amenities to patrons and employees. New to our product offering is the AutoFlush for Tank Toilet which can actually flush tank toilets!

Our Time Mist air fresheners and Technical Concepts automatic air fresheners are commercial grade aerosol air fresheners that can be used both for businesses and homes. And our GoJo Foam Soap Dispensers and foam soap refills are great for restrooms supply, kitchens, and health facilities. And with the use of our Auto Clean for urinals and toilets, many businesses have eliminated the need to pay an outside service to come in and clean their restrooms.

TouchFree products for your home

Best Retrofit Automatic Flushers for Commerical Restrooms 2013
Rating and reviews of the top retro-fit commercial flush valves for commercial restrooms. The report includes ratings, reviews, and rankings of Rubbermaid, Sloan, and Zurn sensor activated flushers for toilets and urinals.

Time Mist
Touchfree Concepts specialized in the Time Mist air freshener dispensers and refills. We sell the Plus, Extra, Classic and Time Mist Micro dispensers. We also carry all the Time Mist aerosol refills for the Time Mist Micro and Time Mist standard size dispensers. We also carry Ozium and Fragrance of the Islands air freshener scents. New to our product offering is the Time Mist 9000 aerosol refills which last three times longer than the Time Mist standard and micro refills.

TC Air Freshener
The Technical Concepts air freshener is by far the best automatic air freshener dispenser and refills on the market. The AutoFresh Select, Micro, and 9000 dispensers all have LCD displays that actually tell how many days left until a refill is needed. The TC aerosol refills are pure fragrance and smell incredible.

Automatic Flush Valve
The Technical Concepts flush valve retrofits existing handle flush valves into touchfree valves. The Technical Concepts automatic flush valve takes minutes to install and ensures your restroom fixtures are always flushed.

Autoflush for Tank Toilet
The Autoflush for Tank Toilet is very popular for the home market. Five minutes to install and you can automatically flush any tank toilet, as long as it has water in the tank (not for CO2 toilets). The Autoflush for Tank Toilet is especially great for the disabled and believe it or not, is used to flush the toilet for cats that know how to use a toilet!

Automatic Faucet
The Technical Concepts Auto faucet uses surround sensor technology which means there is no visible sensor. The TC Auto faucet will also not corrode or fail because all electronics are kept dry and away from water flow.

Automatic Soap Dispenser
The Auto Soap One Shot is a chrome counter mounted dispenser and gives soap automatically. The Auto Soap uses hermetically sealed Dial Pure & Natural soap refills good for up to 2000 washes before a replacement bottle is needed.


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