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Live up to your customer expectation of automatic flushing urinals and toilets for your commercial bathrooms. Reduce the spread of germs while eliminating water waste with our rubbermaid auto flush valves. Be sure to check out our auto clean systems to provide both auto flush and auto clean features to your toilets to keep your restroom looking and smelling clean.
Sometimes referred to as a phantom flusher, the automatic toilet flusher is a far more hygienic solution in the bathroom as it prevents germs being spread from user to user, as they operate hands free. No one has to touch any toilet parts.

They require far less maintenance in public restrooms, where hygiene is of particular concern. The auto flush gets rid of waste quickly and doesn’t rely on users remembering to flush. This means unpleasant odors, as well as "deposits’", are less likely to hang around and offend the next user.
Auto flush facilities are also friendlier to the environment, given they tend to use less water than the traditional toilet flush. According to statistics, the average family uses around 88 gallons of water per day and spends up to $1000 a year on water services. By installing a water saving device, like an automatic toilet flusher, it might be possible to save up to 20% of water usage each year, so they are more economical in the long run in terms of lower cleaning, maintenance bills, and water supply costs. The cost of the unit and fitting should soon be recovered in the overall cost savings. It’s amazing how significant savings can be for such a small change in habits.
The cost reductions can be much more for domestic users depending on how much more can be saved by companies converting to more efficient water saving methods. Concerns for water shortages may be reduced if everyone took a little more care over the amount of water they used. Another benefit these units have over the traditional handle flush is that the automatic flush tends to be much easier for young children, seniors and those with disabilities to operate, as there is no handle to pull.
Because there is not a mechanical device, there is little to go wrong with an automatic toilet flush. 
The units come in a range of styles to suit a variety of budgets. Some are operated by waving a hand directly in front of an automatic sensor. Others flush when they detect people moving away. These units operate by heat detection. Once the heat source moves away, they flush.
Other phantom or automatic flushers are set to go off automatically, on a timer, particularly in men’s urinals and some models allow an additional voluntary flush, just in case once wasn’t enough. The units range in price from just under $200 to just over $400, and vary in styles.
Of course, there are always critics of any system. People who don’t like the automatic toilet flush systems say they are noisy and can frighten children; they don’t always give you enough time to wipe before they flush and can splash water on you before you have a chance to move away.
However, in general, automatic toilet flushes are more hygienic because no-one has to touch the flush to operate it. They are more reliable and need less maintenance than the traditional handle. They are more cost effective as they use less water. They do not require to be cleaned, or to be replaced as often. And they are easier to operate and more efficient at getting rid of waste quickly.
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