Standard Size Dispensers

Rubbermaid Automatic Air Fresheners Make Your Home Or Office Smell Fresh Without Having To Over Pay For Janitorial Supplies

Keeping the indoor environment fresh and pleasant is not an easy task. A restroom requires high level of cleaning and good odor control system. In many offices and commercial places, there are lots of furniture, furnishings, IT systems and other items that keep releasing synthetic odors. Busy places are bustling with customers, clients, employees and visitors. You have to maintain high level of cleanliness and air freshness in all such places. Even when you keep everything exceptionally clean, some odor still lingers in the air at all times. This odor can be controlled easily with the help of a simple air freshener system. You will need an air freshener liquid and a dispenser system for it. Rubbermaid Standard Size Dispensers solve your air freshener dispensing problems. These devices are compact, stylish and affordable.

Take a look at Rubbermaid Standard Aerosol LCD Dispenser - White. It incorporates many innovative technologies to ensure highly efficient dispersal of room freshener liquid. Its smart chip technology extends the effectiveness of odor control for 30-168 days. You can adjust its spray delivery timing to suit your specific needs. It requires only two D size batteries so you do not have to worry about finding an electrical outlet to operate it. This standard aerosol device has automatic odor control setting. Its lightweight, compact and stylish design makes it suitable for all places. The length, height and width of this device in inches are 4.1, 9.2 and 3.9 respectively.

This standard size dispenser from Rubbermaid works with all standard size Rubbermaid air freshener refills. Fix the operating schedule of the dispenser and it will automatically dispense fragrances at the set intervals. The product package includes the main dispenser and mounting screws. You have to purchase the required batteries separately. The effectiveness of this dispenser lies in its efficient functioning. It sprays the liquid freshener in very small micron size droplets. The freshener solution remains airborne for longer hours. The liquid lasts longer due to efficient use. The dispenser covers a wide area so even when it is installed at one place, the fragrance will disperse all over the room.

Rubbermaid Standard Size Dispensers help keep all your rooms feeling fresh and pleasant. It works well at every place. Just set its odor control system according to the size and type of your room and it will keep working automatically for hours and days. It is a flexible device that works in all types of settings. Unpleasant smells lurk not only in the restrooms but also in other rooms. Now you can eliminate all such unpleasant odors in all rooms with the help of this air freshener dispenser.

You can place this device anywhere in your building. Do not keep it limited to the restrooms; install it in other areas as well. It is suitable for all types of places including homes, offices, hotels, classrooms and care homes. Install it in the restrooms, meeting rooms, reception areas, visitor room and other places. This dispenser sprays the fragrance only as much as needed at a time, reducing your expenses on air freshener refills. Order Rubbermaid Standard Size Dispensers online for all rooms where you want to maintain fresh and pleasant environment.

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