You're always looking for easy ways to keep your home, office, store or restaurant clean and healthy. Purell sanitizing wipes come in canisters to help you easily wipe down your counters, tables, desks and other surfaces without any fuss. You also can buy individual Purell hand sanitizer wipes to offer your customers an easy way to clean up after eating messy foods or to get rid of germs. We offer these products in bulk for wholesale prices.
Online offers various products and services at any price you want. With TFC it offers the best brands of cleaning products that ensure your environment is clean and neat, yet at an affordable price. If you've been all over the internet searching for a hand a Sanitizer Wipe, then worry no more, because Purell is your solution. We offer the best products of its time including; Purell Hand Sanitizer dispensers, Bottles, Wipes and Refills of various sizes.

People will always come to your business and workplace if you keep it clean and fresh. Purell Hand Sanitizer wipes are among the elements of a clean environment. Hospitals and homes are best in place they have the sanitizers. Thanks to TFC for the brilliant idea of the Purell products!

The Purell Sanitizer has a high tendency to killing germs instantly. It's a non-linting long-lasting wipe. The wipe is mostly textured for extensive cleaning. It readily sanitizes your hand and removes light dirt and soil. Research has shown that the Sanitizer kills 99.999% of germs that may later cause illness. With its convenience of use, it's much used in Offices, Restaurants, Health clubs, Homes or any other environment that germs may avail itself. The wipe is packaged in various specification including; 1000 individually wipes, 6 canisters of 270 wipes and 12 canisters of 100 wipes.

The Sanitizer has an active ingredient of Benzalkonium Chloride and 62% ethyl alcohol. It does not produce strong fume or any harsh residue. 

Features of Purell Hand Sanitizer Wipes

-Trusted Brand: The wipe has been tested and proven to offer the best cleaning solution. Its usability span a wide area. It's convenient and best germ killer product.

-Germ Killer: You can safely wipe your hands or face with the Purell hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germ causing disease. 

-Safe and Gentle: You'll also like to go for chemical-free products. Yes, Purell Hand sanitizer Wipes are made of gentle substances that have no effect on your hands or face. It poses a caring attitude towards your health. No strong Odor or harsh substances.

-Durable, Wet Wipes: They offer moisturizing effects on your hands. Your hand is easily cleaned to perfection without the addition of any content of water. The smooth texture enables cleaning to be done without any harsh or scrappy cleaning.

-The scent of Citrus: For those who concern about the smell, the wipes releases a good fragrance that brings makes your hand fresh.


-It offers the best cleaning experience. If you are looking for the best cleaning experience on your hands, then the Hand sanitizer wipes from Purell is the best. Any germ causing bacteria is killed fast and instant.

-No regrets for its purpose: When you buy the product, as a customer, you wouldn't complain, your characterization of the best wipes is already gathered for. You'll come back for more.

-You save a lot of money- We aim at offering the customer with the best products but without straining your pocket. 
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