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Leaders in Automatic Restroom Supplies

We specialize in Automatic Faucets, Air Freshener, Flushing & Soap Systems. Quality brands such as Rubbermaid/Technical Concepts, TimeMist, Gojo, Zurn, Sloan, Palmer, Excel & San Jamar.

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TouchFree Concepts is dedicated to providing a more sanitary environment within restrooms nationwide. Cross contamination of bacteria in public restrooms is a serious health hazard, and our touchfree restroom products are the answer.

The automatic flush valves for urinals and toilets eliminate the need to touch germ infested flush handles and ensures fixtures are always flushed. Our automatic soap dispensers and faucets eliminate another problematic area in the restroom, and these amenities are appreciated by both patrons and employees. One of our most popular products even provides a more sanitary bathroom at home- the Rubbermaid/Technical Concepts AutoFlush for Tank Toilets which will flush your home toilet!

Our Rubbermaid/Technical Concepts and TimeMist automatic air fresheners are commercial grade aerosol dispensers and refills that can be used for both businesses and homes. Our Rubbermaid/Technical Concepts and Gojo liquid and foam soap dispensers and refills are great for restrooms, kitchens and health facilities. And with the use of the Rubbermaid/Technical Concepts AutoClean for urinals and toilets, many businesses have eliminated the need to pay an outside service to come in and clean their restrooms.

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