Standard Size Refills

TimeMist Air Freshener Dispensers and RefillsWhen you're looking for a simplified air freshener dispenser solution, the TimeMist classic metered aerosol fragrance dispenser is the choice for you. This AA battery operated aerosol dispenser will keep your home, office and bathrooms smelling fresh for 30 to 90 days. More than a dozen of TimeMist standard size refill fragrances available to neutralize odors and keep high traffic areas inviting.

A room must feel inviting to family and friends that will make them happy and relaxed. With a diverse variety of choices available in the market, it becomes difficult to find the right air freshening product that is not toxic. The simplified solution is available in the form of TimeMist classic that has amazing fragrances and a battery operated air freshener dispenser that can eliminate odor and keep the air fresh. By using the product at home, office or in bathrooms, you can have the following advantages:


The dispenser solution is easy to install anywhere in the building, so it is possible to make any rooms in house or office feel fresh without any odor. It is ideal for commercial spaces like hotels, schools, or reception area that is high in traffic to make people feel invited with the perfect amount of alluring fragrance.

Easy To Use

The battery operated dispenser does not use any power source to keep the air pleasant as it requires just AA battery to keep the rooms smell fresh. It will last for thirty to ninety days as the TimeMist standard size refills can neutralize the bad odors effectively.


It uses natural essential oils of the highest quality to provide the scent, so it contains no VOC (volatile organic compounds) or aerosol that can harm the environment as well as health. The multiple scent options will offer everyone a chance to enjoy the variety of aromas that can steal the heart and senses. It comes in scents like wildwood fig, seaside breeze, desert bloom, Pomegranate grapefruit, Bamboo & green tea, Lavender Lemonade, Cinnamon, French kiss, passion violet, mango, spring flowers, etc.

Neutralizes Bad odor

Most air fresheners available in the market only mask the bad odor, but TimeMist neutralizes the malicious scents. It eliminates the bad smell completely to provide fresh air with a pleasant smell to appease the hearts of people. So, it avoids mixing of uncomplimentary smell together that can make people uncomfortable. The fresh, clean, and inviting smell void of any upsetting whiffs will entice everyone.

Budget Solution

The TimeMist Standard size refills are available at cost-effective prices that will not burn the pockets of the users. It offers fast and free shipping to the users that give them convenience. So, by opting for the service, users can enjoy pleasant smell around them without losing money. The automatic odor control will please every customer of diverse budget range.

Everyone is embracing new technology to keep themselves healthy, so it is imperative to keep the air clean to maintain the health. Polluted air can cause adverse effects on the body that causes physical and mental problems. So, using the automatic air freshener services, customers can acquire a fresh environment that will exude health and positivity. It will overcome the overbearing foul smells to bring a difference in the space that will make the employees, friends, or customers feel inviting.

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