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Modern methods of removing unpleasant smells in toilets and urinal rooms as well as business bathrooms have arisen. This hygiene is vital for human health and survival. These methods of cleaning involve the use of automatic cleaners and air fresheners that ensures there is fresh air in the washrooms in various premises. The Rubbermaid AutoClean is a technological tool or equipment which has facilitated the freshness and cleanliness of washrooms and bathrooms. These toilet cleaners have been connected to the internet to ensure that the cleaning process is automatic and it is done within the regular time interval.

In the Rubbermaid industry, there are many toilet cleaning solutions available in the market. They have provided toilet cleaning solution including:

-Bleaches; they contain sodium hypochlorite which kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. They also remove stains from the surfaces of the toilet bowls.
-Shower cleaners; these are used to clean and keep away soap scum from bathroom surfaces.
-Toilet bowl cleaners; these are majorly used to ensure a clean and pleasant fragrance in the toilet bowls. Bowl cleaners exist in a variety of ways which includes powders, liquids, sprays, foams, and tablets.
-Tub, Tile and sink cleaners; these are designed to remove soil debris in the bathroom, soap scum, stains due to rust and decolonization arising from mold growth.

Sanitation is an important thing when it comes to providing a conducive environment in our washrooms and bathrooms of our premises either homesteads or business premises.

Automatic cleaners which are used in washrooms and bathrooms are important as sanitation tools in the following ways:

-They are environmentally friendly in that they maintain the freshness of the air in the rooms. This is because they contain pleasant smells.
-These cleaners are easily installed in the rooms. They take no more than five minutes hence they are time efficient.
-They are also reliable since they use the current technology.
-Toilet cleaners stay in the room for three months before they are refilled hence they are cost-effective
-These cleaners ensure the general cleanliness of the washrooms and the bathrooms hence ensure a conducive environment in the rooms.
-They also have a bleaching power to remove any kind of stain in the materials used in the toilet and bathrooms. They put off stains with every flush of the cleaning solution.
-The cleaners are efficient since they are applied on the surface of the bowls.

Toilet and bathrooms are the common areas that we need in our daily lives. Without them, we cannot be able to live healthily and they must be available. This house should be cleaned and maintained regularly to enhance hygiene of this places and the surrounding environment. Commercial cleaning solutions are used to clean toilets and business bathrooms by getting rid of the unpleasant smell and killing bacteria. 

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