E-Z Flush Retrofit Kits

Replace your existing Zurn or Sloan® handle-operated diaphragm flush valves with the E-Z Flush Retrofit Kit. It's an automatic upgrade, from installation to long after. The sensor flush allows for greater sanitation and water savings. Since it's solenoid free, users experience consistent performance, flush after flush.

Contractor Benefits
E-Z Flush installs in less than three minutes. Packaging contains the E-Z Flush unit, four C cell batteries, battery compartment wrench, handle nut gasket, and handle nut wrench. Instructions come in both English and Spanish. The kit works for urinal or water closet operation.

Building Owner Benefits
Building owners realize less upkeep and lower operational costs. The internal sensor and motor components never encounter water, helping to prevent corrosion. The impactresistant cover deters vandalism. While the battery lasts three-plus years, it replaces no problem once it’s time.

User Benefits
You can adjust the sensor range to meet any application. The technology's precise engineering detects the user for a well-timed flush, every use. E-Z Flush includes a manual override button for on-demand flushing when desired.

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