Zurn Flushers

Zurn sensor activated flush valves for urinals and toilets

Zurn Aquasense and Zurn EZ Flush

Convert the traditional flushing system of your urinals and toilets to sensor activated auto flushers with Zurn AquaSense and Zurn EZ flush retrofit kits. Eliminate water waste, while providing a more hygienic environment for your customers and staff. The Zurn EZ flush is the most installer friendly flush valve retrofit kit on the market, and it includes the tools and batteries to start and complete the job.

Toilets have evolved over the years. Back in the day, people had to carry bucketful of water to wash away bodily wastes. With the advent of the flush toilet, the lives of the people became much, much easier. The flushing mechanism provides a large flow of water into the bowl that takes the wastes down the drainpipe. But now, we don't even have to flush the toilet ourselves. The modern toilet does that automatically. On the surface, automatic toilets are a major convenience, but are they really all that? What else do they offer besides not having to flush the toilet ourselves anymore? Do they really help conserve water and money? There are so many things to think about when considering getting an automatic toilet. One of the essential part you should consider is Zurn flush valve. It is one of the essential part in the automatic toilet. The following are some reasons why you should install Zurn flush valve.

Ensure Proper Hygiene- Toilet flush valve could malfunction and run continuously, overriding whatever savings you might have made from using it. However, the Zurn flush valve is operated by motion, they sometimes flush automatically in order to ensure quality hygiene. Also consider what could happen if a toilet is stopped up, it could flood the bathroom floor and cause a bit of a mess. However, the Zurn flush valve is an automatic flush valve that can effectively keep your entire toilet safe.

Affordable - The incurring cost is the main concern of any industry that is engaged in providing a solution for the planet. The production of Zurn flush valve is cost-effective and the natural material can be found easily on the market so the fact won't hinder the production. Thus, the entire product can be found at various costs and you could pick the best from the collection.

Fast And Safe Development - The automatic version of the Zurn flush valve is installed at various development houses to meet up with the quality and fast development requirements while providing the globe with the higher possibilities. The product is safe, reliable and better creation at a nice speed.

Reduce The Requirement Of Labor - The price devote to the labor can be preserved as installing the Zurn flush valve for the same goal. This can not only save your cost spend on the labor but provide you perfect product quality and increased satisfaction with the velocity. 

Zurn flush valve is specifically designed to flush when a person gets up from the toilet. This is very helpful, particularly for people with children. And, since they are designed to flush every time, it reduces the risk of having a stopped up toilet. A Zurn flush valve also means that the comfort room will be cleaner most of the time. Also, the newer "touchless" models are made even more advanced and user-friendly. Some models are designed to reduce water consumption by as much as 70 percent, eliminate the spread of germs, eliminate costly repairs and improve overall bathroom hygiene.

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