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Initially, most people used to use paper towels in order to dry their hands. However, the trend has changed. Automatic hand dryers have become very popular and with the overall affordability of hand dryers you can now buy these dryers for your office or home without 

There are many advantages of using automatic hand dryers:

1. Save on cost.

You will note that paper towels can be very expensive. Initially, most homeowners and business owners tend to invest more on paper towels per year than what it would cost for an installation of an automatic hand dryer. This used to be very costly; however, with the introduction of automatic hand dryers, the economic cost for basic restroom operations has greatly reduced. 

Labor costs involved in buying, replenishing and disposing the paper towels after they have been used also can be reduced by switching to products like these. In most cases, you only need to buy one dryer for your office or home to replace the cost involved using paper towels. Once you buy it and install it in your office or home, you will not have to employ people to empty the sanitary hand towel dispenser. This helps you to maximize
more on your revenue.

2. Better Hygiene.

Poor hygiene can lead to infections and other unsanitary conditions in your home or business bathrooms. With used paper towels, you are likely to spread more infections (like influenza) than when you are using an automatic hand dryer. Touch free hand dryers can help reduce the spread of communicable diseases, making your environment more safe and sanitary for employees and customers.

3. More Convenient

If you normally use paper towel to dry your hands, you may see a level of inconvenience in the day to day operations of your bathroom. Being able to no longer worry about stocking the restroom with paper towels gives you additional piece of mind and helps employees focus more on customer satisfaction and less on tedious tasks like stocking paper towels. Customers also find automatic hand dryers more conveinent due to the fact that many hand dryers provide a quick way to dry hands without having to touch anything.

4. Environmental Conservation

Several measures have been put in place in order to conserve our environment and one of those measures is to reduce the carbon footprint. You
will note that the vehicles that will transport paper towels from time to time will often emit carbon dioxide when traveling and can have adverse effects on the environment. With automatic hand dryers, the amount of wasted paper products is drastically reduced and provides a level conservation on our natural resources.


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