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Whether you're looking for a simple air freshener dispenser to keep your home smelling fresh, or an industrial grade automatic air freshener with a wide range of time and sensor settings that never needs batteries replaced - we have you covered. TouchFree Concepts offers the best air fresheners from the top brands, at competitive pricing. We also offer air freshener refills for every dispenser we sell in a wide selection of fragrances per case. Check out our variety packs that include 5 different fragrances - perfect when you like to alternate scents or simply to try a new scent without having to buy an entire case.

Did you know that our sense of smell accounts for sixty percent of our sense of taste? Think about it - wine tasters make a big show of sniffing at the wine before it even touches their lips, and you can always tell when there's something good cooking in the kitchen the moment you set foot inside a home. The nose always knows.

If you can agree with that, then you can surely agree that how our homes and offices smell goes a long way in setting up the atmosphere of the place. An effective automatic air freshener can go a long way in turning your home or office into a warm, welcoming, professional, and efficient setting for work and play. 

Have a look at what exactly air fresheners can do for your place of business and for your place of life:

Air Fresheners in the Home

What makes the difference between a house and a home? Well, different people might give you different answers, but you can be sure the scent of a place goes a long way in giving it its character. You ever notice, probably as a child, how some of your friend's houses would always smell rather funny? Whether that was a good kind of funny or not, note the fact that nobody ever thought their own homes had a scent - it was just home. Maybe our friends thought OUR homes smelled a bit funny.

That's the interesting part about our homes; we get used to them. Why not be sure that our homes are always smelling great by installing an automatic air dispenser to ward off any lingering odors and unsavory smells? A burnt dinner; a smelly sock under a chair; Fluffy's hidden mess in a corner somewhere; all these can give our homes a less than inviting tinge without our knowledge, so it's always a good idea to stick to the safe side.

Air Fresheners in the Office

Ever notice how popcorn vendors never really go to a lot of effort to put up huge posters or advertising? They just let the aroma of freshly popped corn drift through the air and the people are drawn automatically to the tiny vending machine, no matter what corner it's hidden in. That's the power of a welcoming scent.

You want everyone that steps into your office to immediately feel like this is a place where professionals are getting things done, without breaking a sweat, and are smelling good while doing it. You don't want them to come in and immediately smell something fishy - the subconscious is a powerful thing - they just might not be inclined to trust you.

Automatic Air Fresheners For You

Our range of automatic air fresheners gives you all the choice you could ask for. Should you need an industrial scale, medium scale, or home unit, you'll be able to take your pick from our wide selection of top-quality brands. The possibilities are virtually limitless. You won't have to worry about picking out a scent you might not end up liking because our long-lasting refillable air fresheners allow you to change the tone of the scent whenever you please - at prices that will leave you smiling.

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