Your Nose And Automatic Air Fresheners: The Little Known Secret Weapon Against The War On Smelly Bathrooms

Your Nose And Automatic Air Fresheners: The Little Known Secret Weapon Against The War On Smelly Bathrooms

Whether you’re trying to mask the odor of animals, smoke, people, or any other disagreeable smells, automatic air fresheners work hard to keep your premises smelling nice and clean. But which brands are the most affordable and what are the most effective brands at eliminating bad odors?

When you’ve got a job to do and a room to clean up, you can’t settle for simply opening a window and letting the bad air out. You need a more powerful solution that are often provided by commercial air fresheners geared for every professional cleaner’s needs.

The air fresheners and odor eliminators like Lysol or Febreze may work in a pinch but there are times when continual needs for air freshness outweigh the power of standard air freshening cleaning supplies. Often investing in an automatic air fresher whose refills containing stronger chemicals will cover up odors more effectively and last even longer.

Timemist Air Fresheners

For 25 years, Timemist has actively fought on the front lines of the odor control program. Timemist invented the metered automatic air freshener and metered air sanitizer, and continues to lead the rest of the world in selling metered dispensers. One of the top brands for purchasing automatic air fresheners, Timemist specializes in cultivating anti-odor products to perfection. Your go-to brand whenever you’re in need of a metered air freshener dispenser.

TimeMist Fresh Air Dispenser With Meter Refill, Cherry

Indulge in the scent of fresh and juicy cherries plucked straight from the tree and will have your mouth watering. This all-natural scent will wipe away the foulest smells and leave behind that iconic sour-yet-sweet scent of cherries.

Benefits & Features:

- Smart Thinking: both odor-fighting agents and fragrant chemicals are combined in a single can to deliver a


- Forward Thinking: by using the automatic air freshener in a TimeMist container, the brand’s 90-day system

guarantees you save time and hard work

- Fresh Thinking: this air freshener is loaded with essential oils, making it one of the longest-lasting and most powerful odor-fighting agents available on the market

- The True9000 shot offers continual use in 15-minute intervals for 90 days

TimeMist 3000 Shot Micro, Mango, White/Gray

The TimeMist brand assures professionals that there is a dispenser for every need. The Micro 3000 Shot Micro Kit promises reliability thanks to advanced odor-fighting technology. The smallest particle sizes possible are released by the proprietary actuator, allowing the particles to remain in the air for as long as possible before settling - keeping your room scented for more time and the foul odors away.

You don’t need to understand the technology -simply set it up, forget that it’s there, and let its powerful mechanisms take care of the work.

Benefits & Features:

- One Micro Plus Dispenser and one refill are included in the starter kit

- Has a lifespan of up to 30 days with continual use at 15-minute periods

- One can contains both odor-killing chemicals and fragrance, acting on the air in two ways with a single spray

- Rated a level 1 aerosol product for storage purposes - the same hazard rating as regular combustible goods stored in cartons

TimeWick NXT Passive Air Freshener - Mango Smoothie

This cutting-edge automatic air freshener technology is unlike anything else on the market - with no need for propellers and not running on power, the TimWick NXT leads the way in odor-control systems that are completely passive.

Benefits & Features:

- A natural and passive odor-eliminator that doesn’t need a power source

- Featured NXT cage prevents overflowing and spills from any direction

- Propellent is absent and is excluded from VOC

- Polymer wicking system is most advanced example in automatic air fresheners

- Allows a lifespan of 60 days in a typical bathroom with 3 or 4 fixtures

- Contains both odor-combatant and fragrant agents in one container

Rubbermaid Air Fresheners

Rubbermaid is a company that manufactures innovative products that provide practical solutions to companies and markets worldwide. The company’s products and services encompass a wide variety of categories, from food service, sanitation, waste management and safety products. Rubbermaid’s automatic air fresheners boast efficiency and longer lifespans.

Rubbermaid Standard Size Air Freshener - Mango

While other brands of traditional air fresheners only cover up unpleasant scents, Rubbermaid’s commercial air filtering products are designed to complete the task and truly eliminates foul odors. Every formula in their air fresheners contains Microtrans, a substance that actually neutralizes the bad odors. Rubbermaid air fresheners combine these odor-eliminators with the highest quality of fragrances. Combined, these two agents eliminate and replace every odorous particle in the area with pleasant-smelling particles. Particularly useful for commercial bathrooms.

Benefits & Features:

- The Mango flavor is a sweet tropical scent that hints at papayas and strawberries, and also features suggestions of coconut, vanilla, and honeyed florals.

- Capacity of each container is 5.25 ounces

- Brags some of the lowest costs in the industry

- Provides continual odor control for customer satisfaction

- Doesn’t just cover up odors, but uses technology to neutralize and kill them

- One of the most preferred by customers for fresh, clean scents

- Satisfies the state of California’s requirements for having less than 30% VOC rating

- Can effectively cover up bad scents and odors to 6,000 cubic feet

Rubbermaid SeBreeze Fresh Air Cassette, Citrus Breeze, Gel

This gel cassette absorbs odors and sends out fragrance with a 30-day lifespan. Package includes one battery for simple one-step replacement. The Rubbermaid SeBreeze air freshener comes loaded with a citrus scent in a 1.25 ounce capacity. This model of odor-fighter is compatible with a 5114 dispenser and is one of the most ideal for automatic fragrance-emitting applications.

This air freshener’s gel acts as a conversion mechanism, absorbing all the bad odors in the air and converting every particle into a nice-smelling, citrus-laced particles.

Benefits & Features:

- Dazzling, fresh citrus scent. Contains 1.25 ounces and has a lifespan of 30 days

- Gel takes in odors and transforms them into pleasant-smelling particles before releasing them back into the air

- Designed for automatic odor control

- Satisfies the state of California’s regulations and does not exceed 30% VOC

- Dispenser sold separately

Rubbermaid 9000 Microburst LCD Dispenser

One of the most cost-friendly automatic air fresheners available on the market. This automatic air freshener gives you versatility, performance, and power. It is one product in a special line of washroom products we offer. This LCD model empowers the user with the ability to program the automatic air freshener on the schedule most convenient for them - it can be timed to run 12 or 24 hours in one day and it can run 5, 6, or every day of the week. Best of all, it’s reliable and features the lowest cost-in-use system.

Benefits & Features:

- Utilizing smart chip technology, odor control is maximized from 90 to 180 days.

- Spray interval adjustment at ME (14min)/HI (7min) is featured with product, and comes with versatile programming options which allow you to key in 12/24 hours per day, or five and seven days every week

- Uses two D-size batteries for operation (not included)

- Features a “Days to Refill” indicator and a visual battery meter to keep track of the air freshener’s lifespan

- Package comes with a single automatic air fragrance dispenser, along with two screws for mounting

- Compatible with Microburst 9000 refills

Scott Air Fresheners

Scott brands of air fresheners boast leading-edge T-cell technology. Air fresheners from the Kimberly-Clark Professional gives any room doses of the highest-quality fragrance in precise and continual amounts. Scott’s air fresheners are particularly known for cost-effectiveness and require no batteries to charge or be replaced.

Scott Continuous Air Freshener Refill, Summer Fresh, 48mL Cartridge, 6/Carton(KCC12370)

The Scott Air Freshener Refill system comes in a fresh summer scent. This is an effective and highly economical odor
neutralizer, manufactured to work with a mounted wall dispenser that is efficient and easy to use. A single cartridge will last the automatic air freshener dispenser more than 60 days, with a dispenser system that works continuously throughout all times of the day.

The system requires little to no maintenance, being self-powered and not needing any batteries to be replaced. Changing the cartridge is even more easy, a provides for single-minute installation. The Scott Continuous Air Freshener is a non-aerosol, professional air automatic freshener that works with with any Kimberly-Clark commercial dispensers. This model is perfect for a business’ office or restroom.

Benefits & Features:

- Keeps restrooms fresh and sustains a company’s proud image lasting for sixty days.

- Emits a fresh summer scent that will relax and ease even the most tense of work environments

- One of the most cost-efficient solutions for automatic odor control

- Holds a capacity of 48 mL

- Takes less than a minute to install

- Requires no batteries

- Professional non-aerosol air freshener

- Provides continuous odor control

- Compatible with any Kimberly-Clark commercial dispensers

Scott Continuous Air Freshener Dispenser, 2 4/5 x 2 2/5 x 5, Smoke (KCC 92621)

One of the most common-sense ways of keeping any restroom or office smelling unique and fresh. Scott’s Continuous Air Freshener Dispenser is particularly sensitive to the finest of odor-elimination needs. This model holds the edge over other brands, because it is self-powered and requires no batteries to run or be replaced. You can use the continuous air freshener that lasts for sixty days and provides constant odor-eliminating action on just one cartridge.

When you need to change the cartridge, the process is simple and easy. It is suggested the Continuous Air Freshener Dispenser is utilized in restrooms and offices. It churns out uninterrupted, fresh scent 24 hours every day, seven days a week.

Benefits & Features:

- Perfectly self-powered

- Does not run on batteries that have to be changed

- Changing the dispenser is fast and easy

- Emits fresh fragrance 24 hours a day, seven days a week

- Lasts up to 60 days on one cartridge

- Easy to install and contains no adjusting parts that can snap

- Every refill gives continual fragrance control that works every minute of the day

San Jamar Air Fresheners

Most renowned for customer satisfaction, San Jamar products have been developed and innovated according to the exclusive input from their customer base. Automatic air fresheners from San Jamar are proud to be some of the most efficient and environmentally friendly in the market.

San Jamar Passive Twist Dispenser, Gray

The Arriba Twist Passive is one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly automatic air fresheners in the industry. Utilizing green technology, this automatic air freshener includes 100 percent recyclable refills and claims to be one of the first fan air dispersion devices that doesn’t run on batteries. Thanks to the patented QuickLoad™
system, the user can refill this air freshener by twisting it in from the bottom, bypassing the need to ever open the dispenser.

The Arriba Twist Passive isn’t battery-powered and takes only minimal time to set up and initially operate. Then you can leave it alone and forget about it for two months, as it silently but efficiently captures every foul-smelling particle and pumps out fresh-scented air.

Benefits & Features:

- Does not require batteries

- Simple to set up and easy to adjust and operate

- Works silently to convert bad odors into great fragrances

- Almost unnoticeable

- Provides nonstop odor neutralization and conversion that lasts for sixty days

- Comes in a variety of colors, including stainless steel look, white, and grey

San Jamar Twisting Fragrances, Pure Linen, 2.5 oz Cartridge, 6/Box

One of the most convenient twist fragrance models on the market. This automatic air freshener’s simple system is easy-to-use with cartridge with scents that are bright, pleasant, and foster a positive working environment for employees, clients and visitors alike. The leading-edge technology streamlines the refill system and provides for fast and easy refilling. Every refill lasts for 60 days of continual odor conversion, elimination, and air-refreshing action.

The Arriba Twist System utilizes MC3 technology that work to combat foul-smelling and unpleasant odors at the molecular level. This automatic air freshener covers an area of up to 600 cubic feet, and works anywhere and anytime for when you need fresh, high-quality fragrance fast. This automatic air freshener is superior to the regular wick, providing exceptional effectiveness and a higher lifespan. Best suited for the washroom or the outside front entrance to your business or establishment.

Benefits & Features:

- Has a capacity of 2.5 ounces

- Compliant with VOC laws in all 50 states

- Every refill has a lifespan of 60 days

- Provides more consistent air freshening than gel- and aerosol-based products

- Utilizes MC3 technology that absorbs bad odors and breaks them down at the molecular level

- Destroys odor particles and replaces them with freshly scented particles

- Recyclable

- Simple to change

9th Apr 2018

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