Purell ADX-12

Purell ADX -12 Hand Sanitizer-The Ultimate Option For Killing Germs

A hand sanitizer is ultimately the first line of defensem when it comes to killing the common germs that continue to make us and our loved ones susceptible to myriads of health problems. As such, you truly can’t go wrong with Purell ADX -12 hand sanitizer, for it is meticulously designed to deliver an advanced antimicrobial germ kill, but at the same being gentle on the skin.

Purell, America’s leading instant hand sanitizer, boasts an advanced microbial germ kill that kills over 99.99 % of common germs. Better still, this powerful alcohol-based instant hand sanitizer works in just 15 seconds devoid of having to use any towels or water. Again, it is loaded with superb features that other average hand sanitizers out there don’t have. Here are a number of features of this advanced hand sanitizer.

Offers 4 skin conditioning agents-this allows you to choose the specific skin conditioning agents that work best on your skin. Moreover, these skin conditioning agents have the ability to improve overall skin feel and also keep the skin moisturized.

Advanced antimicrobial germ kill-this powerful germ kill kills over 99.99% of common germs. Its advanced formulations gives its unprecedented germ kill, at the same providing a soothing effect on your hands. The advanced formulations in this hand sanitizer have been clinically tested to aid with maintaining good skin health and improving overall skin feel.

FDA approved- Purell hand sanitizer meets and exceeds the FDA healthcare hand wash requirements. It is highly effective even when used in as little amount as 2 ml. This therefore makes it America’s leading hand sanitizer with a proven ability to deliver an advanced antimicrobial germ kill that can kill most common germs in our environment.

Powerful ingredient- Ethyl alcohol is the main active ingredient in this hand sanitizer. Ethyl alcohol is known to kill most common germs, more than most ingredients contained in tons of hand sanitizers presently on the market.

What benefits will I get with this hand sanitizer?

Purell ADX-12 hand sanitizer offers tons of benefits compared to dozens of hand sanitizers out there. For instance:

Very gentle on the skin-in a laboratory test that involved healthcare workers , 4 out of 5 workers noted the advanced formulations in this hand sanitizer were not just soothing to the skin, but they also helped with improving overall skin feel and further enhanced skin moisture.

High effectively-due to its advanced antimicrobial germ kill, it is capable of killing more than 99.99% of the common germs . Again, it works in just 15 seconds not mention that it is designed to provide uninterrupted germ kill that is perfect for killing the common germs in our homes and workplaces.

Proven to boost skin health-multiple clinical tests have demonstrated that the hand sanitizer combines advanced combinations that are crucial for keeping skin moisturized besides improving overall skin performance.


Purell ADX-12 hand sanitizer is wonderfully made to kill those germs that continue to make you and your loved ones vulnerable. It blends together advanced formulations that help with keeping your skin smooth and looking great. Therefore, get this hand sanitizer today and protect yourself  against those deadly germs

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