Purell LTX-12

The market is awash numerous brands of hand sanitizers and hand sanitizer dispensers. Each brand makes different claims but checking all of them out can be such an odious task. To make it easy present for you we take a brief but insightful look at one of the leading brands in the market today- the Purell ADX hand sanitizer and Hand sanitizer Dispensers. Let’s see why these are some of the hot-favorite sanitizers and dispensers in the market.

This tree of hand cleaners comes in four categories each with a distinguishing and compelling characteristic. These are:

Purell ADX -12 1200 Sanitizer Foam refills (GOJ 1905-02)

This is one of the best brands of hand sanitizer in the American market. What makes it such a hot favorite? This Purell LTX-12 hand sanitizer  advanced antimicrobial germ kill properties is one of the major reasons behind its success in the market; with Ethyl Alcohol as its active ingredient, this kills more than 99.99% of common germs. Users don’t have to wait for ages for the germs to be eliminated – it delivers results in a record
15 seconds.

This luxurious SPA-inspired and dye free foam sanitizer are rich in skin conditioners and moisturizers that help maintain the overall health of your skin. That’s not all, for quality assurance, this 1200ml hand sanitizer meets and exceeds the high standards FDA requirements and is clinically proven to help maintain your skin’s health. It is compatible with other Purell LTX-12 dispensers thus saving you the cost of buying additional dispensers. This
package comes with 2 refills. In case you want a fragrance free- hand sanitizer, this is it.

Purell LTX-12 1200ml (GOJ 1903-02)

This Purell LTX-12 hand sanitizer is pretty much the same as the one above in terms of features and capabilities. It gets rid of 99.99% of those irritating germs and works super-fast; 15seconds and your hands are germ-free. However, Purell LTX-12 1200 (GOJ 1903-02) comes with four different skin conditioners for those who want to extra conditioning. The fact that this sanitizer is FDA certified, fragrance-free and is compatible with Purell LTX-12 dispensers makes it one of the must-haves in your bag.

Purell LTX -12 Sanitizer Dispenser Chrome / Black (GOJ 8828-06)

If you are looking for hand sanitizer dispenser to place in a high traffic area, this might be one of your best bets. Its slim design ensures it occupies minimal space. With this dispenser, you save a lot of energy thanks to the GOJO SMART ELECTRONICS technology which minimizes the amount of energy consumed per actuation. This means you might never have to change its batteries during the dispenser’s lifetime. With this Purell dispenser, you don’t have to guess how much of the sanitizers are still in there. The large sight window and skylight give you an easy view of the remaining sanitizer. Another good thing about this dispenser is that it converts easily to a locked dispenser. This dispenser is ADA compliant making easy to use even to people with disabilities. Don’t forget it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Purell LTX -12 Touchfree 1200ml Sanitizer Dispenser- White (GOJ 1920-04)

Equally remarkable is this white Purell hand sanitizer dispenser. Ideal for areas with a high traffic this dispenser will definitely look good on almost any background; remember it is white in color so it can blend well with any other color. The advantages of GOJO SMART ELECTRONICS technology apply equally well to this dispenser. The large sight window and the skylight come in handy anytime you want to monitor the product inside. It is ADA compliant and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

It is obvious why these Purell LTX-12 products are so popular. The hand sanitizers do what they are meant to do –they get rid of 99.99% of the germs in record time. When you use these sanitizers your hands get moisturized and conditioned. What is even better you don’t have to use water or towels.

The dispensers are ideal for high traffic areas, are ADA compliant and occupy minimal space. 

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