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Purell TFX

Our hands are probably the dirtiest part of our bodies at any time of the day. This is as a result of the myriad types of bacteria that we collect by touching different objects all through the day; this is much more pronounced in the case of children. All these factors predispose us to various ailments such as cholera, food poisoning, and even flu, especially in the cold season. This is one of the major reasons why we need a strong sanitizer that clean our hands with. Soap has always been the option but it is not always viable and convenient when it comes to public facilities. This is where the liquid hand sanitizer comes in. Hand sanitizers typically come in gel, foam or liquid form and can clear pathogenic bacteria without the need to rinse or wipe hands with a towel.

Product Description:

If you are looking for a liquid hand sanitizer that can thoroughly clear bacteria off your hands while remaining mild on your sensitive skin then you are in luck. The Purell TFX hand sanitizer from GOJO industries is your sure bet. This amazing gel hand sanitizer is nothing short of a scientific breakthrough that optimizes the bacteria destruction power of alcohol on your skin. It also contains four different skin conditioning agents that enhance skin and keep it hydrated and in good health. The Purell TFX hand sanitizer also works incredibly fast and is compatible with the TFX dispenser.

Product Manufacturer:

The Purell TFX hand sanitizer is a product of GOJO industries based in Akron City, in the state of Ohio. Since its establishment in 1948, GOJO industries is famed for manufacturing high-quality hygiene products such as hand sanitizers, hand washers, and skin care formulas. All these products fall under either the Purell, GOJO, Micrell, Provon or Aquell brands.

Product Features:

- The sanitizer is fragrance-free which makes it ideal for people allergic to scented hand sanitizers. 

- Comes with four skin-conditioning agents to keep your skin nourished, soothed and hydrated. This is in stark contrast to other hand sanitizers that contain harsh non-skin-friendly chemicals.

- Purell TFX hand sanitizer features 70 percent Ethyl Alcohol as the active ingredient. Inactive ingredients in the product include PEG-12 DimethiconeCaprylyl GlycolWaterIsopropyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Tocopheryl Acetateand Isopropyl Myristate.

- The product has a long shelf-life and will typically expire not less than 2.5 years from the month o production or purchase.

- Fully compatible with the 
Purell 800 Series Bag-in-Box Dispenser.

- The 
Purell TFX hand sanitizer comes in a wide range of bottle sizes including 800ml, 1,200ml, and 2,000ml bottles. This coupled with the option to choose multiple bottles in a case offers unrivaled convenience and longevity to the end-user.

- The product is compatible with Vinyl, latex, CHG, and nitrile gloves. This makes it usable as part of hygiene products in institutions such as food processing and healthcare facilities.

Product Advantages/ Benefits:

- Maintains healthy skin on top of eliminating germs and is recommended for repeated usage.

- It has been proven to kill up to 99.9 percent of all the pathogenic bacteria found on the hands. This makes it ideal for use even in the most demanding environments.

- This hand antiseptic meets all healthcare personnel hand-washing requirements set by the U.S Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

- Because the product contains 70 percent alcohol content, one doesn't need to rinse with water or dry using a towel after application to the hands.

- The product has been dermatologist tested and is hypoallergenic. This qualifies it as one of the most skin-friendly hand sanitizers you can find in the market today.

- Comes with a pump that doubles up a dispenser on its own which is very easy to use. This is especially ideal for use by children.

- The price tag on the product itself is incredibly reasonable which makes it a huge bang for the buck.

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