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Don't Use Your Hands! How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Rubbermaid, Sloan, And Zurn Automatic Toilet Flushers

Don't Use Your Hands! How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Rubbermaid, Sloan, And Zurn Automatic Toilet Flushers

Best Automatic Toilet Flusher : Needed Features For Home Or Office

How An Auto Flush Toilet And The Features Can Change The Bathroom Experience

Walk into any modern or remodeled hotel, office or hospital building and chances are very high that the restroom has a number of touch-free fixtures. Automatic dyers, urinals, toilets, dispensers, and faucets have all become so popular that only their absence in modern restrooms draws attention. People prefer these fixtures because they easy to clean, hygienic, affordable and cost saving.

More specifically, touch-free toilets have come a long way since their first inception. What began as simple mechanical devices have now evolved into fancy electronic gizmos. Today, automatic flush toilets are more technologically advanced and easier to install and maintain compared to their earlier versions.

Automatic toilets are equipped with smart flushing systems which don’t require users to touch any surface to flush them. Washrooms can be full of germs and bacteria, so any technology that limits your exposure to these risks should be highly welcomed for hygiene and well being.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most important features and functionalities you should look out for when searching for an automatic toilet flusher and our top three toilet flusher brand recommendations. Let’s get started, shall we?

Benefits and features to look for when buying automatic toilet flushers

1. No Transfer Of Germs

Public restrooms receive more foot traffic compared to domestic toilets. A substandard or faulty system could possibly mean that germs and odors are left lingering in the restrooms and beyond. This increases the chances of spreading bacteria and germs which cause serious diseases and illnesses.

Having an automatic flush system on toilets ensures that all waste is eliminated quickly and no germs are spread around the room. This is a handy feature especially during the outbreak of illnesses like cholera and flu. This is one of the major benefits of using an automatic toilet flusher. They are however not just restricted to public restrooms; they are quickly gaining popularity in residential homes as well.

2. Courtesy Flush Button

Before we even talk about the courtesy button and its benefits on an auto flush toilet; what exactly is a courtesy flush? Well, the definition varies depending on who you ask, probably because there is no formal dictionary definition of the term. For many people, a courtesy flush refers to flushing in the middle of the pooping process in order to reduce the odor. It’s done as a polite gesture so as not to stink up the bathroom so much for the next user.

The courtesy flush generally ensures that the fecal matter stays in the bowl for the shortest time, minimizing the odor. The less time the fecal matter stays exposed to the air, the lesser sulfur compounds have to work their smelly magic. Some people use the courtesy flush to muzzle the sound as things drop, especially when using public office toilets. Other people use courtesy flush as a secondary flush to ensure that any remaining detritus in the bowl is removed.

Now, the way most automatic toilet flusher work is that they detect when you enter the washroom and open the toilet seat. Once you’re done with your business, it will automatically detect when you step away and automatically flush the toilet after you. All this is facilitated by motion sensors installed in the system. What essentially this means is that it might not be possible to flush an auto-flush toilet while still sitting on it; unless it has a courtesy button.

Whatever your reason for a courtesy flush, a button to go along can make your life much easier when using this technology. Additionally, in the event the auto-flush system malfunctions or the battery runs out, the courtesy flush button will save the day until you fix the flaw. 

3. Durability

When searching for an automatic toilet flusher, consider choosing chrome/metal option as they tend to be more durable compared to plastic. The popular white plastic material tends to discolor over time and cannot be cleaned to shine like the metal option.

Generally, having an automatic toilet flusher can prolong the durability of your facility because, with minimal clumsy handling, there is less wear and tear. The fewer people that are operating your facility, the fewer chances of damage. It’s common for some people to try kicking the flusher handle instead of using their hands, and having an auto-flush toilet can eliminate this behavior.

If you’re buying the automatic toilet flusher to use in a high traffic public facility, ensure that the brand you buy is able to withstand hundreds of thousands of flushes before it needs replacing. This information should be readily and reliably provided by the manufacturer.

4. Battery Operated vs. Hardwired

Another choice you have to make when installing an auto toilet flusher is whether you want a battery operated or a hardwired option. Each of them has its ups and downs, but for the most part, the battery operated option is much more reliable and versatile compared to the hardwired models. Many property owners are opting to hard wire the auto flushers into the wiring of their buildings; however, this makes the installation and repair process more expensive.

The installation process should not be complicated, especially if you’re upgrading from the old manual flush system. Having to install a new wiring system just for the automatic toilet flusher can be costly and time-consuming. The best thing about the battery operated auto flushers is that they are almost always compatible with the manual flush system and can be installed in less than 20 minutes. If you expect a large number of flushes, consider a unit with long-lasting replaceable batteries.

5. Change Batteries Without Turning Off The Water

Talking of battery operated auto flushers, when changing the batteries for your unit, you don’t have to put everything to a stop, especially in public washrooms. You remember when we recommended auto flushers with a courtesy flush button? Well, this button can serve as a manual trigger in between battery replacement or when your auto system is down for maintenance. So choosing a system that doesn’t require you to turn off water when changing batteries can save you from unnecessary downtime and also make the whole process hassle-free.

6. Flushes Automatically Every 24 Hours

This might not seem like a worthy consideration at first read; however, if you happen to be using this unit in your facility, you will appreciate this feature. First, automatic flushing every 24 hours helps to reduce the built up of gases in the sewer line. For many flushing toilets, you will always notice some unpleasant odor in your washroom if you don’t use it for over 3 days. Make that a 1-week vacation away and you won’t appreciate the new aroma that your washroom would have acquired.

Secondly, a toilet that flushes automatically every 24 hours prevents build-up of too much hard water if you don’t use it for a couple of days. You might be already familiar with the effects of hard water on plumbing fixtures which include corroding the system or clogging it with scum.

7. Retrofit Options

As earlier mentioned, like most home fixtures, compatibility is an important feature when it comes to making the best choice. You need to ensure that the automatic toilet flusher you’re buying is compatible with existing fixtures, especially if you’re upgrading from the old manually operated system. It’s also important to note that some toilets do not support auto flushers; however, most brands offer options that allow for a retrofit into older versions

8. Water Efficient

Most toilet manufacturers nowadays focus on designing systems that produce a high powered flush while using a small amount of water. Such designs are environmentally friendly and make operating these systems cheaper. Luckily, most auto flush toilets consume as little as 1 to 1.6 gallons. You can always check for the consumption rates before making a purchase.

9. Brand

When it comes to making your final choice on which automatic flusher to go with, it’s important to consider all the above features in order to choose the best brand. You need a unit that will last long, easy to stall and use, uses water efficiently, fits with an existing system and allows you to change the battery without having to switch the water off.

Considering all the above features and factors, below are our top three recommendations of the best automatic toilet flusher brands that will give you value for every single dollar you spend on them.

a.Rubbermaid Automatic Toilet Flusher

Rubbermaid is a leading brand across commercial and industrial markets as well as home organization products and solutions. They offer a wide variety of commercial cleaning solutions including washroom fixtures and sanitary supplies. One of their outstanding lines of products is their automatic toilet flushers that have reliably served the industry for years with an impressive track record.

Rubbermaid automatic toilet flushers are designed to keep fixtures flushed leaving your washroom smelling and looking clean after each use. They eliminate potential areas of cross-contamination minimizing the risk of spreading germs and bacteria in the facility. They offer a daily flush option that prevents build up of sewer gases.

One of Rubbermaid’s best selling unit in the Commercial AutoFlush Toilet System. The auto flush system is suitable for use in public areas with high foot traffic. It comes with four super quality batteries that can last up to three years offering over 60,000 toilet flushes AND you don’t need to switch off water when replacing the batteries. It’s also equipped with an angled lens sensor which means it can still operate even when the toilet seat is raised.

The fail-safe courtesy button is a handy feature that allows users to eliminate any odors at any time. And if you’re worried about the cost of installation, this gadget installs in less than 20 minutes, plus it’s compatible with most retro manual flushing toilets. The metal cover is also an ideal feature to prevent vandalism, especially in public facilities.

b.Sloan Automatic Toilet Flushers

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing standard commercial toilet to a hands-free toilet, Sloan has the answer for you. The company has been in operation for over 100 years, leading the industry with water efficiency and hands-free hygienic products that are guaranteed to last and built to perform.

The company supplies a wide range of flush valves that offer the convenience of auto flushing toilets and urinals, creating a hygienic environment thanks to the sensor activated flushometers. A number of their models come with a complimentary manual flush button that helps to eliminate any odors and works as a backup flushing method whenever the batteries run low. The Sloan installed batteries facilitate speedy installation, provide years of flushing and they can be changed without turning off the water.

Some of the standard features you will get across their line of autoflush valves include infrared sensors with globular sensing and multiple-focused fields, engineered durable metal cover, CID technology to control flush accuracy, adjustable tailpiece, low battery flashing LED, courtesy flush override button and automatic flush once every 24 hours after the last use.

c. Zurn Automatic Toilet Flushers

Zurn offers you another great way to upgrade your traditional flushing toilet into a sensor activated hands-free model with Zurn EZ flush retrofit and Zurn AquaSense kits. If you’re looking to eliminate water wastage while offering a more hygienic washroom environment for your staff and customers, you should give these kits a try.

One of the most installed Zurn auto flushing systems is the Zurn AquaSense E-Z Flush Automatic Retrofit Kit. The system allows for the easiest and fastest changeover, and comes with all the tools to start and complete the job. It also has a unique handle port mounting feature that makes it one of the most versatile and installer-friendly kit on the market.

Some of the features to look forward to on most of the Zurn auto flush systems include Adjustable automatic infrared sensors, 3-year battery life, User-in-view LED, 10-degree angled sensor, adjustable 24 hour auto-flush, Low battery indicator light, Chrome-Plated Metal Sensor unit, and easy installation.

Bottom Line 

As you can see, automatic flush toilets provide a safe and effective way of minimizing the risk of contamination and outbreak of illnesses in washrooms and related facilities. A hands-free approach eliminates user contact points such as the flush handle, effectively cutting down chances of cross-contamination.

When choosing the best automatic toilet flusher, it’s important to consider all the important feature that make your purchase worthwhile. The above list of features should be a good pointer the next time you’re out shopping for auto flushers. We have also included three of our most trusted and reliable suppliers of automatic toilet flushers to make your shopping much easier. We are confident that you won’t miss out on a unit that clicks with your exact needs and budget.

6th Mar 2018

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