Gojo Foam Soap Dispenser and Refills

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Combining luxury and convenience
People are getting excited about wall mounted foam soap dispensers. They find the smooth, creamy feel very appealing and enjoy the convenience and total luxury of having their soap pre-lathered before washing.
Users will think "Awesome!"
Luxurious foam soap formulas from GoJo, in popular fragrances, are so gentle on skin, they help support compliance with good handwashing practices, Individual products are ideally suited to general purpose applications, foodservice, healthcare and spa use. Our antibacterial foaming soaps are effective against germs and contain aloe and vitamin E.
Money Saving
You'll get significantly more Handwashings out of the GoJo Foam Soap System than traditional liquid soap dispensers. GoJo Foam Soaps combine with the dispenser to create a powerful cleaning system. Air is infused into the soap as it's dispensed creating a rich, luxurious lather. Just ONE push delivers a generous portion of foam. The volume of lather feels so satisfying in users' hands that they don't need a second push. The GoJo foam soap dispenser and foam soap refills are the future in hand washing.

With normal 800mL Liquid Soap 533 pushes are available.
With 1250mL GoJo Foam Soap 1785 pushes are available.
With 2000mL GoJo Foam Soap 2850 pushes are available.

GoJo Foam Soap FMX Dispenser and Refills, the future in hand washing

The Luxury Foam Handwash Refills have a fresh cranberry fragrance.

The Luxury Foam Antibacterial Handwash Refills have a a fresh berry frangrance.

The Luxury Foam Hair & Body Wash Refills have a a cucumber melon scent.
Foam Soap 1250mL Dispenser and Refill
Refills: $46.99 - $48.99
GoJo Foam Soap from one push
Traditional liquid soap from one push

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