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Sloan Waterfree Urinal Replacement Cartridge Kits (Case of 32) (SV WES-155)


Sloan Waterfree Urinal Replacement Cartridge Kits (Case of 32)

There are four primary functions of the cartridge system.
• The cartridge acts as a funnel, allowing liquid from the bowl to flow into the cartridge.
• The cartridge holds the sealant liquid. As liquid waste enters the cartridge, our sealant liquid creates a barrier between the waste and open air, thus eliminating odors.
• The cartridge acts as a filter for uric sediment. Much of the sediment that can cause drainage pipe corrosion is trapped at the bottom of the cartridge.
• The cartridge allows the remaining waste to be freely disposed of down the drain.


  • Engineered to last for at least 7000 uses
  • Patented, sealing locking cartridge
  • Biodegradable Cartridge Sealant Liquid eliminates odors
  • Cartridge is made from recyclable ABS
  • Sealant Liquid - 100% biodegradable
  • Uses no water
  • Mechanical-free design


  • Improved hygiene and safety
  • Reduced water and sewer costs
  • Odor-free
  • Easy installation and replacement

Package includes: Cartridge, installation/removal tool (key), protective glove, disposal bag
Compatible with: Sloan Waterfree Urinals

MSDS: Sloan Waterfree Urinal Cartridge Kit MSDS

Other Product SKUs: WES-155, 1001555

Cleaning and Cartridge Changing Instructions:
Sloan Waterfree Urinal Cleaning and Cartridge Changing Instructions



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